Saini Freedom Fighters


Speech of Subhash Chandra Bose, the Prince of Patriots

A rare recorded speech of SC Bose, the legendary founder of Indian National Army (INA).  A large number of Sainis fought as part of INA along with other members of leading Punjabi tribes.  Two Sainis very closely associated with SC Bose directly were Mahavrat Vidyalankar, a scholarly ideologue who first mooted the idea of organized armed resistance to the colonial rule and Ajit Saini , who worked as liasion officier of INA and as editor of a periodical published by INA. Mahan Singh Gahoonia of Phillipines ,   another Saini,   was noted for his role as a leading civilian organizer for INA in far east. 
The following list is reference verified but is by no means exhaustive.  OP Rahnan's book titled '' Flame of Freedom and Hoshiarpur District'', contains a comprehensive list of freedom fighters and INA veterans from Hoshiarpur district but does not always identify them by caste or tribe. Since Hoshiarpur was a  traditional Saini stronghold and was in the forefront in the freedom struggle, we expect  the actual number of Saini freedom fighters and  INA veterans to be much higher than listed below or identified by caste names in books like Ralhan's. 
Since Saini Online has strict  policy of not publishing any information without credible and transparent  references (based both on reliable authors and native informants), we have withheld certain names although from the name of the villages it looks quite probable, or even certain,  that  a much larger number of freedom fighters menioned in Ralhan's book could be from Saini community. The reason for this confidence  is that villages in Hoshiarpur tend to be owned or dominated  entiirely by single tribal groups, and as some sociologists have observed, in a typical  Saini village there will not be single house of any other dominant caste   group and vice versa (Swartzberg, 1967).

List of Known Sani Freedom Fighters (in alphabetic order):

  1. Captain Shamsher Singh (INA veteran, ADC  to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and a very close and trusted accomplice of his. He was from a Saini faimily of Hoshiarpur. All important biographical works on Bose mention his name)
  2. Ajit Saini (INA veteran, imprisoned)  
  3. Sant Ram, s/o Chaudhary Rala Ram of Nangal Shahidan in Hoshiarpur  (imprisoned)
  4. Amar Singh (imprisoned)
  5. Amar Singh s/o Sant Ram of village Orhpur (INA veteran)
  6. Arjan Singh of village Sujjon, Banga (Ghadar movement activist)
  7. Bachan Singh Saini (Ghadar movement, imprisoned)
  8. Banwari Lal s/o Sandokha Ram of Hisar (Quit India Movement, Imprisoned)
  9. Basant Singh s/o Prabhu Saini of Mahilpur (imprisoned)
  10. Battan Singh of village Haveli (INA veteran, imprisoned)
  11. Bhai Bela Singh (martyr of Nankana Sahib)
  12. Bhan Singh of village Jalowal (imprisoned)
  13. Chaudhary Yograj Saini of Gambhowal (Kuka Movement, 13 years imprisonment)
  14. Dal Singh (imprisoned)
  15. Dalip Singh Tamber, s/o Mayya Singh of  Namolian (Hoshiarpur) and Chak No. 4, Saini Bar, Shiekhupura (INA veteran, imprisoned for 14 months)
  16. Dasondha Singh Saini s/o Sobha Singh of village Bisala (Jaito Morcha, martyred- died in jail)
  17. Gian Singh of village Bajidpur (imprisoned, INA veteran)
  18. Gonda Singh (Babbar Akali, imprisoned and tortured)
  19. Gulab Singh Saini (martyred-hanged on January 9, 1858 )
  20. Gurdan Saini (Rajput General- martyred in Ranthambore)
  21. Gurdial Singh of village Urapar (imprisoned, INA veteran)
  22. Gurqit Singh Saini s/o Hira Singh of Ropar
  23. Hari Singh Saini s/o Ujal Singh of village Kot Khurd (Imprisoned)
  24. Harnam Singh of village Baghpur (Jaito Morcha, martyred, died in Jail)
  25. Harnam Singh Saini (Ghadar movement, martyred - hanged on March 16 , 1917 after Lahore Conspiracy Case trial)
  26. Harnam Singh Saini s/o Rajmal of Pandori Ganga Singh (imprisoned for 2 years, INA veteran)
  27. Harnam Singh Saini s/o Sunder Singh of Pandori Ganga Singh (National Movement, imprisoned for 1.5 years)
  28. Hazara Singh Saini of Pandori Ganga Singh (Civil Disobedience, Babar Akali, imprisoned for 6 years)
  29. Inder Singh Saini of Pandori Ganga Singh (Babar Akali, imprisoned for 7 years)
  30. Ishar Singh (Babbar Akali, imprisoned and tortured)
  31. Jawahir Singh Saini s/o Saini of Mandi State (Life imprisonment & confiscation of property, Mandi Conspiracy Case)
  32. Kartar Singh Saini of Pandori Ganga Singh (Babar Akali, sentence not known)
  33. Kehar Singh Saini (martyred- killed in police encounter)
  34. Labh Singh Saini (Akali leader, martyred)
  35. Lakha Singh s/o Bhagwan Singh Saini of village Mehatpur (Imprisoned for 2 years)
  36. Mahan Singh Gahunia of Philippines (noted INA civilian organizer-donated his entire wealth to INA)
  37. Manohar Singh Saini s/o Lehna Singh of Amritsar - (Sentenced to death for killing a British officer employed by National Bank as a revenge for Jallianwala Bagh massacre . Later death sentence commuted to transportation and life imprisonment, or 'Kalapani'. Spent 18 years and 9 months in prison at Andamans, Lahore and Peshawar)
  38. Mata Din Saini s/o Thawaria (Imprisoned)
  39. Mayya Singh Saini (imprisoned)
  40. Mehnga Singh Saini s/o Chaudhary Amichand of Nainakot, Gurdaspur (Imprisoned, INA veteran)
  41. Mohinder Singh Saini of Pandori Ganga Singh (Babbar Akali, martyred, killed in Babeli Police encounter)
  42. Munshi Saini (Tried in Chawarian Dacoity Case, sentence unknown)
  43. Naik Gurdial Singh Saini (imprisoned, INA veteran)
  44. Nama Saini of Fatehgarh (Ghadar movement, martyred - hanged on January 5, 1917 after 3rd Lahore Conspiracy case trial)
  45. Narain Saini s/o Sanwal (Imprisoned) 
  46. Narain Singh s/o Hira Singh of Saini Majra
  47. Pritam Saini (Ghadar movement, imprisoned)
  48. Puran Chand s/o Bansi Lal , village Ramsaran Majra (Quit India Movement)
  49. Ram Lal Saini s/o Palu Ram of village Mohalla Gudsar(Quit India Movement, Imprisoned for 22 months)
  50. Rangil Singh s/o Assa Singh Saini of Khadiala (INA veteram)
  51. Sadhu Ram Saini (veteran Gandhian, imprisoned)
  52. Sant Ram s/o Ralla Ram Saini of Mehatpur
  53. Satya Pal Saini s/o Meharchand Saini (originally from Gurdaspur) (Royal Indian Naval Mutiny, tortured and imprisoned) 
  54. Sham Singh s/o Mangal Saini
  55. Warayam Singh s/o Surjan Singh Saini of Chanthu Brahmana (Imprisoned)


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Sh. Dalip Singh Tamber of Namolian (Hoshiarpur), an INA veteran,  being felicitated by Giani Zail Singh in 1972.