Maharaja Shoorsen

Maharaja Shoorsen (Skt: शूरसेन, Śūrasena) was the  ancient Yadava ruler of Mathura.  The Surasena Kingdom or mahajanpada and the Yadava or Jadon Rajput sept of  the Shoorsainis were named after this epnonymous Yaduvanshi king.

Founder of Saini Dynasty

The tribal identity of Saini community of Punjab, who were displaced from Mathura to Punjab due to prolonged warfare between the Saini  rulers  and earlier Muhammadan raiders, is derived from this ancient patriarch. Their ancestors were also known as 'Shura Rajputs'  sometimes ,  apart from their traditional epical and historical appellation of Shoorsainis.
According to historian Dashratha Sharma,  these Shura Rajputs were strongly allied with the Chauhans  when the foreign raids on North India began. 

Grandfather of Lord Krishna and Pandava Warriors

According to the Mahabharata (VII.144.6030-1), he was son of Devamidha, while according to the Puranas, his father's name is Devamidhusa.He is extensively mentioned in both the Mahabharata and the Puranas as the father of Vasudeva (father of Krishna) and Pŗtha or Kunti (mother of Pandava).

Likely Ancestor of Raja Porus

Puru became the patronymic of this branch of the Lunar race. Of this Alexander's historians made Porus. The Suraseni of Methoras (descendants of the Soor Sen of Mathura) were all Purus, the Prasioi of Megasthenes... ”

- Annals and Antiquities of Rajast'han, James Tod, pp 36, Published by Higginbotham and co., 1873

James Tod regarded Raja Porus, the celebrated king who stopped Alexander's advance in India to be a descendant of Maharaja Shoorsen. This view is endorsed by many other distinguished historians such as Dr. Ishwari Prashad, Dr. Pritam Saini and other members of Indian History Congress.

Other Communities with Possible Link

Apart from Sainis  of Punjab, the following Rajput descent communities in North India also link their ancestry with this revered scion of ancient Yadavas:
  • Jadons of Karauli (synonymous with Sainis till 12 CE)
  • Bhatis of Jaiselmer and Bhatner (synonymous with Sainis till 5 CE)
  • Muslim communities of Samejas,  Khanzadas and Jadaun Meos
  • Saini-Jadon  origin Jat clan of Sinsinwars  (erstwhile ruling house of Bharatpur)
  • Bhati origin Jat Sikh clan of Brars (erstwhile ruling house of Patiala)
Some of the former ruling houses of South India, Kathiawar  and Marathas claiming link with Yaduvanshis may also be directly or indirectly linked with this ancient patriarch.


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