"Shuraseno Yadu Shreshthah Sannivasah Suyamuna!"
(Krishna, the  Shoorsaini, the chief among the Yadus,  dwells in a beatific abode by the blessed Yamuna!)
-Visnu Sahasranama, Verse 75


 Ved Vyasa on Shoor(saini) Krishna


" Foremost among all the Shoor(saini)s , the powerful one, Krishna, residing at Dwaraka, will rule and protect the whole earth after vanquishing all her lords, conversant as he will be with the science of polity"

Mahabharata, Book 13, Chapter 147




Guru Har Gobind Rai


Bearer of Miri and Piri, Badshah Darvesh,  Guru Har Gobind Rai Ji, who made Doaba his home and  who gave the boon of Sikhi to the Sainis .


For the world Krishna is God. For Sainis he is also their ancestor...


Most Famous Saini

For some he is revered because for them he is the incarnation of  God.

For Sainis he is a revered one simply because he is their ancestor. No other reasoning is required to honour him.

Undoubtedly, Sri Krishan Ji Maharaj, grandson of Maharaja Shoorsen, was the most famous Saini the world has known or will ever know.


Exclusions & Disclaimers 

This website is dedicated to  documenting the history of Saini community of Punjab and its bordering districts in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. This website does not deal with the history of Mali, Kushwaha, Maurya, etc  and other groups who either started using 'Saini' surname only in 20th century , or started associating themselves with the Saini identity since then  for various reasons. This website also does not deal with the ethnography of Gola, Sagarvanshi or Bhagrathi, or related communities in Western UP who also  describe themselves as  "Saini" but with a different meaning and origin  of the term.  We respect these communities but consider them distinct from Saini community of Punjab.  Disclaimer can  be read here .