जादोबंसी सैनी राजपूत महासभा

Jadobansi Saini Rajput Mahasabha
(registered as Saini Jadobanshi Kshatriya Welfare Association, SAS Nagar, Punjab , under ACT XXI of 1860)

Sainis with ancestry in  Punjab , Jammu, Himachal and North Western Haryana  have  got their own  organization officially registered in S.A.S Nagar (Mohali) ,  Punjab.   This organization was founded with express focus on  the preservation of the Kshatriya values , identity and heritage of Yaduvanshi Saini Rajputs  and to protect these from being  misappropriated  by other interest groups . If you want to connect with your brethren  or if  you want to  volunteer yourself for any community based initiatives, please contact Jathedar  Sh. Dildar Singh Saini on  +1 437 236 3335 (WhatsApp)  .  Bhati, Jadaun and other authentic Yaduvanshi  Rajputs from Rajasthan  , UP and elsewhere  who want to connect with their Shoorsaini brothers in Punjab and contiguous regions can also call this number. 

Note that this organization is  completely independent and is not affiliated with Saini Online. This information is being shared here solely  for convenience and  in response to persistent inquiries  from our readers about an authentic Saini Rajput organization.